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TALC STUDIO is located in Athens, founded by Panos Mattheou and Vasiliki Panagiotopoulou in 2006. Over the years, studios' design work have received several prizes, in local and international commercial circuits. P M studied graphic design at Akto College (1992-95) and graduated from the 3rd sculpture studio of the Athens School of Fine Arts (2007-2013), under Professor George Lappas. V P studied graphic design at Vakalo School (1992-1995). Their work have been presented in shows in Greece and abroad.

During the pandemic era (2020 - 2022), the studio also operated as an exhibition space, presenting a number of Contemporary Art shows, curated by TALC


Time Takes Time
A_Dash, Athens 2019 (VP, PM)

Post-nostalgia: design meets utopia

Vakalo Art & Design College, Athens, seminar 2017-2018, exhibition 2019 (VP)

The Memory of the Revolution

Curated by Giannis Bolis, Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens 2018 (PM)

Biennale 6: Thessaloniki

Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki 2017 (PM)

Athens International Convention: Institutions, Politics, Performance

Green Park, Athens 2015 (PM)

The Shock of Victory

Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow UK 2015 (VP, PM)

Curious Artefacts

Curated by Becky Campbell, ArtWall Athens 2015 (VP, PM)

Let’s Collective Mor(e)ning For Us

Molyvos public Space, Molyvos, Lesvos 2014 (PM)

Crisis is a Greek word

Ismir 2013, Sofia 2013, Athens 2013, Naousa 2014 (VP, PM)


Curated by Anna-Maria Kanda, Kodra & Biennale: 4, Jewish Museum and Ag. Mines Arcade, Thessaloniki 2013 (PM)

Floating Walls

Kodra Fresh, Action Field Kodra, Thessaloniki 2013 (PM)

A city in 7000 square meters

Volos 2012 (VP, PM)

Design Report Greece

University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf 2011 (VP, P M)

45 Bands in 50x70

Hub, Athens 2011 (organised by talc studio + if-untitled architects)


3 Kleisthenous str

105 52




+30 210 3847469


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