D-MOD is a local firm creating products spanning furniture, light fixtures and home accessories. The use of raw materials (wood, steel, cement), modularity, customizability and the element of usability through the use of basic structures, are the core qualities that define their aesthetic.

We proceeded with the same values in order to develop a series of packaging for their products.

Counter intuitively, the first decision made was that the final designs should include the support needed in order to be transferred by the client (without the need of a bag).

While keeping in mind the various shapes and sizes of bulb choices offered by the company (3 different options for any light fixture), the packaging was “built” by studying the center of gravity in conjunction with the basic lines defined by the finalized customer’s choice. Each box was shaped according to the internal arrangement. In all cases the result is sculptural, centered on the form and the use. The surfaces are raw and the design is deliberately focusing mainly to box manufacturing, aspiring to reflect the company's simple smart and modular temperament. No glue or tape is needed in order to assemble.

This packaging project has been shortlisted for a prize at the 2017 European Design Awards.

For the table lamps specifically, what ultimately keeps the object firmly in place is the lamps metal bayonet, holding the sensitive glass bulb in the air, away from the packages outer surface.

Regarding the floor lamps, by highlighting the elements of modularity and usability, we chose to design 2 boxes which, composed in alternating order, meet the needs of three fixture sizes within a common product family, but also the future need of packaging particularly long objects (with the addition of custom internal supports). The handle on one of the two boxes may point either toward any compositions edge or middle (depending on the center of gravity of the object contained).