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pendant lamp

Lum II pendant lamps consist of a 3d printed base, an arm, a 3d printed PLA triangle hat and a 3d printed crescent hat.
Τhe base is a combination of high-strength PLA and a wooden cap. The arm and the base are available in black. Replaceable warm light LED strips are used for lighting. All electronics are contained inside the base.
You can choose from three available colours for the triangle hat, two for the woven cable and 2 iterations of the crescent hat. Its dimensions are approximately 1,8 m x 0,50 m (length x hight). It can be hanged 20 cm to 75 cm from the ceiling by 1mm steel cable. The woven cable wire is 0,9 m long. Length and hanging hight can differ upon request.

PRICE 430 euro (VAT included)

LUM lighting fixtures are designed in Greece, produced and assembled by hand in our studio in Athens and are currently available for purchase upon request. They are not the result of mass production or industrialized processes, an element we are keen on highlighting. The finishing is the bare minimum. For all printed parts we use PLA (a recyclable, natural thermoplastic polyester that is derived from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugar cane). 

All LUM are produced upon request and they are available within 30 days.

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